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Al Dhow Holding Company W.L.L is the investment arm of AlSayer Group Holding. Founded in 2005, we are based in Kuwait and have a global focus.

Our focus is creating value sustainably, through selective acquisitions and strengthening our portfolio in both private and public markets. Our investment horizon is long-term with the purpose of efficiently growing and building our portfolio companies.
At Al Dhow, our strategy is to wait for the right asset to create our targeted portfolio.

Chairman’s Message

From humble beginnings - and now over seventy years later - AlSayer Holding has prospered because of three critical components: quality, growth, and innovation. Our founder, Mr. Mohamed AlSayer, Mr. Bader AlSayer and our late Chairman, Mr. Naser AlSayer, between them had a vision. It was to grow a company that took these components and combined it with a passionate dedication to three core principles; its customers, its employees, and the international companies it partnered with.

Today, AlSayer Holding owns a diverse portfolio of businesses, products and services, representing some of the finest global brands. This has happened because the group has stood true to its core principles for more than seventy years. By listening to its customers and putting them first, it has achieved an impressive degree of customer retention and satisfaction. This has been made possible because the group only selects, trains, and grows the finest employees. The relationship with our employees is reflected in the low employee turnover and their long careers with us. This cycle of customer, employee and partners has stood the test of time and continues to this day.

At Al Dhow Holding Company, we focus on three primary industries: Education, Healthcare and Financial Services. We apply the same core principles of the group to both the private and financial markets. Our business practices are based on the foundation of trust, integrity, and ethics. We invest with a private equity mindset to create value for our customers and shareholders and aim to offer unparalleled levels of service.

Success and growth have stemmed from our people. Our team, with their extensive local, regional, and international investment backgrounds, along with strong leadership from our Executive Committee, have allowed us to build our business from the ground-up, always focusing on customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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Mr. Mubarak Naser AlSayer

Core Values

As a business, and family, our vision is to be the most respected company in the eyes of customers, principals, employees and the community. This way we create an unshakable value for all stakeholders.

Our rich history defines who we are.
Visionary leadership that defines the way forward.
Sustainable growth to the benefit of our businesses, our partners, our colleagues and the communities we serve.

Investment Strategy

We are patient investors with a long term focus and our objective is to build a portfolio of high quality sustainable businesses. Our strategy is built on three pillars:

Investment Criteria

Strategic Investments

K-12 Schools
K-12 Schools:
  • Majority stake
  • American/ British /International curriculum
  • Located in the GCC
  • Management with proven track record
  • Profitable and dividend paying
  • EBITDA between USD 3 to 30 Mn
Specialized Clinics
Specialized Clinics:
  • Majority stake
  • Dental, Dermatology and other Specialized clinics
  • Located in the GCC
  • No revenue concentration
  • Profitable and dividend paying
  • EBITDA > USD 2 Mn

Opportunistic Investments

Opportunistic Investments
Direct Investments:
  • Sector agnostic
  • Structured minority investments
  • Management with proven track record
  • Profitable
  • Dividend paying
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